Vision Statement
To serve the needs of those who wish to practice their faith in an environment of peace, tranquility and beauty.

The history of the Cordi-Marian Sisters in San Antonio runs deep, just like their faith. Now is the time to look ahead and plan to serve the community for years to come. Already well known for playing host to tens of thousands of men and women at their recurring ACTS retreats (Adoration, Community, Theology and Service), Cordi-Marian is looking to expand its grounds and services.

Groundbreaking News
Plans are being made to construct a second Retreat Center, complete with housing, food service and meeting facilities. The benefits of an additional Retreat Center goes beyond increased physical space, it will also expand and accelerate the spiritual connection of ACTS.

The Cordi Marian Sisters are initiating a $6.5 million capital fund drive to add a second Retreat Center and Chapel. Funds raised by the drive will be used to add a forty-eight-bedroom/rest room facility with an adequate dinning area and meeting rooms, to build a chapel for the use of the second retreat center and add improvements to the landscape.

The improved buildings will enable the Sisters to:

  • Serve more retreat participants
  • Provide a facility where retreat participants and directors can focus more fully on their spiritual exercises
  • Expand and enhance our catechetical and educational mission
  • An opportunity for our elderly sisters to participate in liturgical celebrations with larger groups
  • Generate revenue for our under-funded retirement plan.

Investing in Our Faith
The Cordi-Marian vision built on faith is part of a Master Plan, which at the core of its momentum is the Cordi-Marian capital campaign. Achieving the $6.5 million dollar capital campaign goal is underway, but is in its early stages of reaching much-needed levels to coincide with expansion timelines.

You can make a difference. Join the Cordi-Marian Capital Campaign with you contribution. Your investment is an investment in helping to expand the power of faith on the holy grounds of Cordi-Marian.

For more information or to make a donation, please contact Sister Matilda Jaime, provincial treasurer.